Episode 39

Dirty Money, Black Light


September 30th, 2018

1 hr 30 mins 35 secs

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Nathan and Eppy discuss S3E22 Dirty Money, Black Light. Rocky finally gets a break and wins a vacation in Hawaii - but once he's gone, starts receiving thousands of dollars in cash in the mail. Jim, worried that he's been tricked into a scam, has to hustle to figure out what's going on and why in this episode full to the brim with crooks, loan sharks, feds, Angel, Dennis AND Beth! One of the Stuart Margolin-directed episodes, there's so much packed into this episode that some of the threads are hard to follow, but many of the specific bits are really well done.

In our second half, we talk about the elements that contribute to the "overstuffed" feeling of this episode, including techniques for juggling a bunch of moving parts in a piece of fiction and our thoughts on ways to figure out when you have too much going on.

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