Episode 34

Nice Guys Finish Dead


May 27th, 2018

1 hr 31 mins 15 secs

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About this Episode

Nathan and Eppy finally venture into Season 6 to discuss E7 Nice Guys Finish Dead. Featuring a returning Tom Selleck as Lance White alongside the also-returning James Whitmore Jr as Freddie Beamer, this comedic episode is all about watching these strong, counterpointed characters collide. Jim and Lance are trying to clear Beamer from being blamed for a murder that occurred right in the middle of a PI association conference! While this episode does have a lot of good gags and character work, it feels to us more like an excuse for the series to have a little fun with its own tropes than a fully realized mystery story.

In our second half, Eppy unboxes a surprise, and then we dive into a discussion of out-of-continuity or out-of-tone departures in ongoing narratives, as well as a closer look at the layers (or lack thereof) in this story that kept it from being one of our favorites.

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